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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Origin of Shotai

An erotic depiction of young boys in Japanese animation and manga. Boys depicted are usually under 15 years old (representations of older boys is known as "shounen-ai".) Shotacon fandom is equally split between men and women. Shotacon for women is usually yaoi, which generally include gay teen boys. Shotacon for men usually depicts younger boys under 12, and can be "gay shota" (boys with boys, or men) or "straight shota" (boys with girls or women). The female equivalent is lolicon.

If you or anyone you know has been sexually abused by Terry Bell of Selkirk Manitoba, contact your local authorities.

Terry Bell |

I was working with this man who gave me a certificate in sho tai and after being sexually assaulted by him went to the police and filed a report.  Since then he has sued me for $250,000.00 for using the name sho-tai.  He has also put out a cd defaming me and slandering me and my business therefore here is the previously mentioned statement in my defense.  I recorded phone calls I had with him discussing having sex with me and sent it to his wife. After all the teaching on honor and Integrity I realize what Terry does and how his behaviours are to be learned from.  He shakes your hand and says "God bless you" yet doing these things behind his wife's back.  Is that integrity?  I was trained in sho tai. I have a certificate in sho tai and does he try to take your customers?  Integrity?  I think not.  I can't tell you he has sexual relations with his Brothers daughter because I have no evidence.  Was I there when it happened?......Can't say that on record without eveidence but I do have him recorded admitting to having sex with a man.  Please be careful around this person.


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This guy even went as far as getting a peice of paper which he said was a "fax" of all the people that I had hurt with what he taught me and taking it to class and showing the class.  I know it couldn't have been a "fax" as it was statements from supposed people that had written their statements in different locations but they all magically came through together on one fax and on one peice of paper.  Was he trying to cover his A$$? 

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